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Where do kids go when they age out of foster care?

The Laszlo Fischer Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to a noble and essential cause: creating a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for all children within their community. This mission underscores the foundation’s unwavering commitment to the well-being and prospects of the youngest members of society.

mission statement

As a child survivor of the Holocaust and the Nazi occupation of his home in Budapest, Hungary, Laszlo Fischer knew firsthand the feeling of abuse, hunger, homelessness and abandonment. The mission of the Laszlo Fischer Foundation is to help children in foster care that are faced with aging out of the foster care system. No child should dread turning 18, yet that’s exactly what happens to many kids in foster care as their futures remain uncertain. Join us as we raise funds to find housing for these kids who have no place to call home.


“This foundation is a way for me and my family to honor the life of my dad and to continue his legacy,” said Michael Fischer. “He was a wonderful example of what a husband, dad and friend should be, I hope that I’m half the man he was.”
Child Sex Trafficking Victims
are foster children
0 %
U.S. Prison Population
are former foster youth
0 %
Unemployment Rate
among former foster youth
0 %
Homelessness Rate
within 18 months out of foster care
0 %

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